Susan Fay West

Susan Fay West

Sue WestWelcome!  My hope for you is that this site guides and inspires you to create the time for whatever is important to you. We make choices every moment of the day and how we use our time is what gives us purpose.

If you’re going through big life transitions, as I did, you will benefit from creating time by organizing in ways that fit your new chapter. I also started my self employment career as a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®, assisting people who struggled with getting or staying organized, with their Things and their Time.

If you have ADHD and it interferes with how you want to run your days, and/or you know you need some new or changed habits, you’ll benefit from the ADHD workbook. I spent 7+ years coaching people with ADHD to make their symptoms more manageable, which freed up time and headspace (Certified Organizer Coach® and ADHD Specialist.)  I also have always had time “management” issues of my own, but I learned strategies and ways to outsmart my own mind.

All of this work, plus coaching and therapy at different times, allowed me to make better use of my non-work time. I had time to focus on my photography. I decided to take a risk and set up a store and also submit photos for judging to Shutterstock, a premiere photography site.

I was ready for a next step and took a graduate degree program called a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling including practice internships.   I’m a counselor, helping others to become their best selves, solve problems, identify and manage symptoms – wherever the person is, at this moment.

I consider this profession my way of giving back what I’ve learned over my decades of professional experience and personal work. On the blog, I’ll be writing about mental health occasionally, as my way to educate.

You may have known about me as an ADHD Coach. In August 2020, I closed my 16-year business after graduating with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Counseling. I now work as a therapist in a community health agency. Here, though, are some links you might be looking for:



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